Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rust Hunting in Georgia - July 20, 2011

Well, finally getting a full time gig has certainly curtailed my hunt for rusty items. I did hit one sale and picked up the following though this past weekend:

One of the best things about going to rural sales is how cheap everything can be - in this case I spent very little money - less than $15. I always pick up wet/dry sandpaper when its very cheap as it keeps going up at the supplier.

The 000 and 0000 steel wool I bought as much for the packaging as for the nearly full boxes. Love the "Sun Ray" box!

The small shaped-rasps were cheap and I thought had the potential to be useful - I don't think I've ever seen them before so I'm not sure how they were offered in the stores?

As usual, I always pick up US-made clamps that are a couple of dollars or less - they don't shatter when they hit the floor like some of the Chinese-made clamps you buy these days, plus the little swivel-heads usually don't wear off (and the old clamps don't tend to twist when you torque them!). I think I've given up most of my newer clamps in favor for the old ones. I also like these old scrapers - this Craftsman one doesn't have any wear on the metal - I don't think it's ever been used.

The surprise find was this old Buck timber-framer's chisel - the handle is shot but the blade still has a few inches of usable cast steel left on it - it should refurb fine and for a two bucks couldn't be passed.

Both the metal squares are Stanley, a US-made No. 68 in steel and a 70's No 45-300 in aluminum - felt weird picking it up as I expected it to be heavier.

First aluminum Stanley I've found - then a couple of days later I came across another of the same model - weird how that works.

That's it for last week - now that I'm fully employed I won't be finding the exceptional deals as most of those are found on the Thursday-start Estate sales. Fortunately (or not depending on how you view it) I was able to root around sales while I wasn't working. Fun to do but bills have to be paid.

-- Best, John

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Mike said...

That's a great score! I picked up a draw knife at an auction for $2 a while ago. I wish I could find more sales like that.