Sunday, March 23, 2008

Latest Acquisitions 2008.03.23

Thought I would take a moment to describe the latest in old 'arn that I've gotten over the last few months.

First up is this 24" Rockwell Scroll Saw Model 40-440 Serial Number FP-1467. This was from a Craigslist ad listed for $75 - reduced to $65 because the seller couldn't find the insert (ended up buying one from an OWWM member for $8). I'm not showing the stand, but it was also included - typical Walker Turner/Delta/Rockwell with splayed feet and square bolts. This example also comes with the cast belt cover but not the light (one could only wish - those are going for crazy money these days). It also has a magnetic switch installed so it was probably used in some production environment (guessing there). Very nice Delta/Rockwell motor with knurl for hand turning.

I've been looking for a while for a cast iron stand for the 6" Delta Joiner (see earlier post) and finally found one - in this case with a working joiner attached! The joiner is missing some parts and has some slop, but does have the coveted porkchop guard - I may end up parting the joiner and concentrating on the earlier one I purchased. This stand is fairly complete (has both back covers and 2 knurl knobs). I haven't removed the motor but it's a beast and probably better than the one I got with my other 6" joiner.

Next up are a couple of old hand-drills. The 5/8" Van Dorn I ended up getting while picking up a Rockwell Radial Drill Press (I'll have pics up in a later post - forgot to take them). Got it for $25 - it's slow but has tremendous torque.

I picked up these two hand drills at to separate yard sales for a couple of bucks a piece - both are Craftsman - the one on the left is the better of the two and has replaceable bushings.

Found this Franklin Electric motor converted to a single disc grinder. It was $5 and I figured I could use it for something.

I spotted an ad for a few misc. 3 phase motors and in the middle was one listed as a "driver" so I took a chance that it was a Walker Turner - turned out I was right. It also came with the reversing switch - I'm not sure what it was used for - at first I thought a shaper but at 1/3 HP probably not. Not bad for $10.

That's it for this post - I still need to take some pics of the Rockwell Radial Drill Press I picked up, as well as a Sears Dunlap 8" table saw. I'll have those posted soon.

-- John


Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hi John.......Neil from Furnitology, I saw your post on the John White bench, although I'm not into benches, if I where to build a bench it would also be the John White bench.

David Pruett did a couple blog entries on it. He made some really nice changes to it. His blog title is The Folding Rule. He implimented T-track with interesting attachments.


Jeremy said...

Hello John. I am trying to network with other woodworers and I came to your blog. Awesome shop! I too am in the basement,its getting small but I love it! I saw you to have a rockwell scroll saw! I bought one this summer and absolutly dig it! Its a heck of tool and took a few of my friends to help me bring it down to my work shop. I added a light to mine. I bought the light designed for the dewalt scroll and drilled and tapped a screw hole right into the cast iron arm of the saw. It works great! One of these days, I'll blog about my shop to but in the mean, time check it out! I enjoyed your blog!


sicilian911 said...

Hello....I just saw your picture of the rockwell 24" scroll saw and I have the same identical one only without the stand would like to put it to use,And was wondering if you could post some more pics of the underside of the table ,there is a threaded rod that leads to the motor and was wondering exactly how that gets mounted. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to post these photos it would be a great help to me. Thank you in advance....sicilian.