Saturday, September 8, 2007

A couple of new Arn finds

It's been a while since I've posted - been caught up in a few other projects (restoring the Robert Green site over at ModusModern, working on my broke truck, and others to name a few). I did pick up a couple of new "old" woodworking tools that might be of interest though. These are from the week of August 13th, 2007 so I've had a little time to look them over (pics were taken the day I got the shaper though).

Saw an ad Monday (8/13) for the Jointer for $50 and picked it up on Tuesday. It's a bit unusual and not exactly the same as those similar models on the OWWM Mothership - I think it's pretty early by the serial number tag and it's missing some bits (crank handles). It spins up well on that crappy 2x4 homemade stand and the Dayton motor works (even though it sparks a bit). The table is a bit rusty but doesn't look pitted and the rest is in pretty decent shape. Shouldn't take too much to get it right.

Saw an ad for the Craftsman Shaper on Thursday (8/16) and picked it up on the way home from work - $100 with 27 cutters, wrenches, etc. He threw in the Rockwell miter gage since he didn't have the original, optional Craftsman one. I like the original stand - also the serial numbers are slightly different from those on the OWWM Mothership so I think this is a new entry.

I've been told those cutters go for $5 a piece so I basically got the Shaper for free. It's neat and ready to go - I'll probably do a bit of clean up and tweek it some but otherwise it's ready to profile some wood! The miter gauge I'm addingi to my Unisaw.

-- John

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