Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to Modern Woodworking

As a blogger, I often find that it's difficult to post when my blog has a specific topic, so I created a blog that's more generalize - johnnyapollo.blogspot.com, which focuses mostly on my thoughts about collecting, eBay buying and whatnot. However I have several other blogs that focus on my other interests: ModusModern for modernism, VehiCROSS as an enthusiast of the truck, MajorMattMason for the Mattel toyline, and now ModernWoodworking for my love of working with wood. I chose Modern Woodworking as I plan to focus on using modernist elements in my furniture building, developed by designers such as George Nelson, the Eames couple, Noguchi, Nakishima, the list goes on. I'll be using elements that I like with respect to those great designers, trying to imitate in homage and not copy. I'll also use this blog to relate my adventures in finding and restoring woodworking machines and tools. My next post I'll describe the restoration of a 50's Rockwell Unisaw, which I recently purchased.

-- John

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