Monday, June 11, 2007

Unisaw - Part 2 Dissembly

Since I mostly have time only in the weekends, the Unisaw project will come in dribs and drabs. Here are images from the first stage of dissembly - I actually started this 2 weekends ago and managed to get into the interior yesterday (Sunday 06-11) buy haven't edited the photos yet, so I'll probably post those later this week. In any case, here are the initial tear down images:

There are close-ups to my "big surprise" - the welded Front Trunnion Bracket. I've since ground it down (you'll see pics in my next batch). In the last photo is the serial number label - it was covered in several layers of paint - this is what it looks like after rubbing down with "goof off" - I've not got to replace the missing red and black for the label, but will wait until I remove it to complete.

-- John

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