Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rust Hunting in Georgia 2014.04.12

It's been a while since I've posted - it's also been fairly slim pickings lately. This is a roundup of several months culminating in April of 2014.

Most of the items above I found at an estate sale - it was highly advertized and there were many people picking over the large hand tool collection. As usual I went for the less popular, less expensive items. Of particular note are these two routers - the mini I got for $5 and the larger (which is a nicely done patter-maker's router - no idea what I'll do with it as it's huge) was $25. Everything was also discounted about 40% so it was all fairly cheap. I've been looking for a Stanley corner brace for a while and this one works fine.

The handsaw is interesting in the way the nuts bind (they protrude and are quite sturdy - also the reinforcing plate). About $5 at Goodwill of all places.

And finally this trio of planes - two knuckles and one rabbit mouth (no cracks on the latter).

That's it for this installment. With my current work load I'm just not getting out as much as before. I hope to remedy that this year.

-- John

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