Monday, September 10, 2012

Rust Hunting in Georgia 2012.07.03

I believe this post catches me up on tool finds. These items were bought from my favorite junk ship on July 3rd, 2012. As usual, the stuff was way cheap.

At the top of the photo above you'll see an incredibly long turn-screw (equivalent to a modern day flat-tip screwdriver). The brass ferrule suckered me in - it's about 22 inches in overall length. I'm not sure what it was originally designed to be used for as it would be hard to imagine needing something that long or to need to hand-drive a screw with a half-inch slot.

Next are a couple of profile scrapers - I think they're Dexter or similar but they aren't marked. At a buck a piece I couldn't pass them up - the blades, while dirty and gunked up, are super hard and relatively sharp.

Finally, this Wilton drill-press vise was well worth buying, especially for less than $12. Love this old "Made in USA" stuff...

It's missing one counter-sunk face screw but otherwise in fantastic shape.

Thing weighs a ton and is very well made - much better than some of the others I own.

Well, that's it for now - I haven't found much to speak of since July (picked up a few Klein screwdrivers and some misc. supplies), but then again I haven't been looking too hard.

-- John

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Joseph Black said...

That's funny as it's the exact same vise I've got on my vintage drill press, lol.