Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rust Hunting in Georgia 2012.04.07

Been a while since I've posted about recent tool finds - here's the first of a few posts describing what I've been finding since the beginning of the year. For the most part it's been rather slim pickings - and as usual I'm so cheap that most of anything that is "good" is already gone. I didn't take a close-up of the file, which is in good shape (triangular with a wedge shape), however I mostly bought it for the cast-iron handle - I'm rather partial to those and have around a half-dozen of them. They're great for smaller files.

I bought the Disston #10 due to its size at about 20 inches of over-all length - you don't often see handsaws small enough to fit into a standard tool box - this one is a bit rusty (but what isn't?) but still straight and reasonably sharp and at $2 too nice to pass up:

The saw-set I didn't really need, but I think I paid a dollar for it. It's a Stanley Handyman "Made in Canada" and one of the smaller sizes. It doesn't appear to have ever been used.

Finally, this last item, a Stanley No. 400 Miter Vise, was provided by my great friend John Stephens who happened upon it (his intent was to put it on eBay as they fetch a decent amount). I've wanted one for some time and this is a beautiful example with original paint. It's probably the best miter vise ever made.

I still have to come up with something to give back to John in trade - I hope I don't have to give up anything too dear. More to come....

-- John

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