Monday, June 13, 2011

Rust Hunting in Georgia - June 9, 2011

Another horribly busy weekend, however I did manage to hit two sales.

The first netted some good woodworking and DIY books along with a Zyliss vise and hewing hatchet, also three Buck Brothers turning tools that are super heavy. First time I've ever seen that particular blacksmithing book in hardcover (fairly common in paperback).

I missed out on the box with accessories for $10 on the vise - saw the guy walking out with it and somehow didn't see it (must have been sitting somewhere else in the garage). I did score the main components for $15 even though the table-clamps are upside down...

This Falls City hewing hatchet (it's a single plane on the left side - I tried to get an image but it was too blurred) comes in handy when smoothing split logs - now if I can only find a broadaxe...)

These Buck Brothers turning tools are the larges/heaviest I've ever seen - happy to get the skew, scraper and gouge...

The last sale I went to netted me the brass fishing scale, the Stanley Handyman chisel, two brace bits  (see photo at the top) and the blacksmith's tongs. I also scored a decent concrete hoe for $2 and a fiberglass handled Ames shovel for $3 (why is it that you always need shovels? They seem to walk away...).

-- John

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