Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unisaw - More Work on the Case

Yesterday I completed the rust and paint removal by breaking out my Compact Air Needle Scaler - picked this up a few months ago when it was on sale for about $20 at Harbor Freight ( I also have a full-sized unit but it wouldn't fit inside the cabinet sideways, so I was lucky to have the "mini-me" sized version.

I've never tried using one before - had only heard about people having success when them in rust and paint removal. This pneumatic tool vibrates a series of fat, wire-like nails that force paint and rust off metal. It worked extremely well, especially for the corners and inside edges that I couldn't get to with the wire cup brush. I followed up with a tiny bit of media blasting then worked everything over with a dual-action sander. Finally I shot the whole thing with some primer.

Initial layer of Primer

Finished the primer around 3:00 PM
Today I took out the case and took a more critical look at any bad dents and scratches, which lead me to a some light bondo work. I hit the low spots, waited for it to dry then worked them out. I'm not looking for perfection so there are still many small spots - most will work out with some light sanding. I just knew that when I shoot the gloss gray on it that the larger defects (which are mostly dents) will show under my shop lights - so the effort was to make things better (A.K.A. minimum effort) and not worry about perfection. I didn't bother with the inside.

Light bondo and sanded out
I then re-sprayed the whole case with a second coat of primer and this is the result:

Once it was dry to the touch I brought it inside to completely dry and set-up. I guess it's time to order the bearings and belts.

-- John


Rob Austin said...

It's coming around fine. I can't wait to see the end results.

Dyami said...

Nice going, John. That's going to be one pretty, better than new saw when you're through.