Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rust Hunting in Georgia - January Estate Sale

I managed to hit an estate sale last Friday and picked up a handful of tools. Someone in the family was a hobbyist woodworker - the largest piece of equipment was an older Shopsmith with a full compliment of accessories (bandsaw, etc) - there was also a European bench that was already long gone when I hit the sale (probably a good thing as I wouldn't have room for it anyway and they tend to be very pricey).

Most of the prices were reasonable to high (as usual) - I passed on a later model Disston handsaw at $10 and a few other tools, but did manage to pick up a set of Footprint cabinet maker screwdrivers - these are the flat haft type with oblate handles in beech. I also found a #15 SnapOn Phillips driver, a "Sears" marked grinding wheel dresser (appears unused), a rosewood handled putty knife (partial to those) and a Sargent hole punch (second of this type I've found). Most items were in the $1-2 range with $25 on the screwdriver set. Nothing real special here but all good user tools.

Footprint Bench Screwdriver Set

Made in England

Snap-on SSDP102

Sears Grinding Wheel Dresser

Super Hyde Putty Knife

Sargent Hole Punch

Not too bad for a brief stop. In particular I've been thinking about a set of cabinet drivers so those are very welcome.

-- John

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