Saturday, June 9, 2007

Modern Wood Screen Wall

Saw this on another board I frequent: (have to be a member to log in so I've reproduced the post below)

Poster is the Carl Kunkel, son of "Mr Sawdust" Wallace Kunkel (famous for his work in promoting the Dewalt Radial Arm Saw). Read how the screen is put together - it's meticulous and well thought out.

More info on Mr Sawdust here:

His Post titled "Fung Shway!"

Hi all, Here's a 16' trellis/wall I made and installed this week in a 17 story apartment in the Village NYC. From the pictures, it doesn't look like much but it was quite a bit of work. It's made of clear cedar and the designer specified he didn't want to see any nails or filled nail holes so I had to fashion 560 aluminum plates (4 holes apiece, 2 countersunk) in order to screw the 1"x1" slats to the posts from behind using all stainless steel screws. The slats are set into a 2 step Dado, one for the plate and 1 for the slat. I pre-stained all the material and it all had to fit in a small service elevator.

The back is 1/2" marine plywood painted a gloss red and will have special lighting inside. The right side of the wall gets a 1"1/2 thick marble slab. The install was a bear as they always are in NYC. It always amazes me what those NYC designers come up with but it pays the bills! Anyway, here's a few pics..

Posts with plates



You can see his RAS (Radial Arm Saw) in the top photo - and by all the dadoes cut in those posts for the plates, it was put to good use.

-- John

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